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Yo! It's Red!!!

I drive through more than ten traffic lights to get the boys to school each morning. Today as I approached one, it switched from green to amber. I started taking my foot off the gas pedal because judging the distance between me and the light I knew there was no way I would get through before amber turned to red. This dude next to me was not about to do any such calculation, he just stepped on it and run the red light. My son exclaimed and I told him we would meet that car at the next red light. We did and I said "see, his rushing through the red light didn't benefit him in any way".

I see this happen on the road many times in a day. My reaction is always the same. I yell "yo, it's red!!", as if they can hear me.

Life is like that. There will be many stops as we journey through. Some stops we will not like, for some we will have no choice. I have seen many pulled over and written up because they drove through when they were required to stop. Not only were they delayed, they also suffered financial loss!!!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord ..." Psalms 37:23. As He orders your steps, God will take you through some green lights, amber lights and red lights. No one likes red lights but if you keep running them, you are likely to end up in an accident, minor or major.

Know also that no red light lasts forever. Having driven the school route for so long I know which lights take longer to turn to green from red and which ones turn before I can even pick up my phone. If I want to send a quick text I know which traffic light will afford me that luxury.

We know what happens when the light turns green and you remain at the light: all manner of honking. Some get so comfortable at the red light, they whip out their phones, mascara and lipstick. You can get so engrossed in these activities and miss the green light. It is also important to know when to move. Like God said to the Israelites, “...‘You have dwelt long enough at this mountain."

Deuteronomy 1:6. If you stay when you are supposed to move, you will miss other opportunities.

When God brings you to a red light, be patient with Him, ask Him to let you know the why and even when He does not respond immediately, trust that as long as you have committed your life to Him, He will order your steps aright. A busy intersection with no traffic lights or malfunctioning lights can be extremely chaotic. Trust God. Remember His ways are not our ways but they are always right!!!



Lady Monica❤


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