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Whose Agenda?

David was God's anointed choice as king of Israel. There was one problem: Israel had a king at the time, King Saul. When King Saul realized that David would one day take the throne he set in motion a sinister plan to eliminate the competition. The plan started right from the palace where David served as the king's armor bearer through wilderness and culminated in caves.

Saul's murderous pursuit brought him to where David and his men were hiding, not once but twice. The king did not know that and made himself comfortable and slept. While he slept David's men convinced him to kill the king since it was obvious that God had delivered his enemy to him.

That was tempting indeed and David would have been justified to do it. He must have been exhausted from living like a fugitive as were his men. If he killed Saul then the throne would be his just as God intended; and they could all go home to their families! As opportune as it seemed, David refused to take Saul's life both times.

"David said furthermore, “ As the Lord lives, the Lord shall strike him, or his day shall come to die, or he shall go out to battle and perish." I Samuel 26:10

David was in effect saying that in God's own time, He would take king Saul off the throne and place him on it. David was determined to stick with God's agenda. He was not willing to bring God's will for him to pass at all costs, come hell or high water. Having twice come so close to a defenseless king Saul, he had the opportunity to end the chase and take the throne all at once but he resisted.

God's agenda can seem long-winding at times, let's be honest, but trying to shorten it or implementing your own agenda will likely end in disaster. Like David let us patiently yield to God's timetable and allow Him to lead us to where He has destined for us to be. Let us trust Him to change that situation or solve that problem for us in His time. At the right time God will bring IT to pass!


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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