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Where Are The 9?

So the story is told of ten lepers who pleaded with Jesus to heal them. Jesus obliged and asked them to go show themselves to the priest. On the way the realized they had been healed of leprosy!! In their astonishment and excitement they probably run to show others they had been healed.

Leprosy was seen as a curse in those days and lepers were condemned to the outskirts of the towns and cities. They were ostracized from their families, probably lost wives and children and even property. The life of a leper was a miserable one.

So they being healed by Jesus was a huge deal. They could come back and live among people again; work again, raise families again, live a normal life again. They had basically been given new life!! Jesus had given them the ultimate gift. Jesus answered their prayers.

Yet after receiving the answer to their prayers, nine of then forgot to come say thanks to their Healer. Only one who was not even a Jew saw fit to return and render thanks.

We usually act like the nine. The fervency and urgency with which we pray for something is not the same way we say thanks after we receive the answer. We can spend days, weeks, months and even years praying and fasting for something or someone and when God answers us, we throw a quick thanks His way or not at all and move on to the next request. We can do better than that!

Let us learn to be thankful always. For even being awake today, we have a reason to spend a few minutes showing appreciation to God. May God help us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.



Lady Monica❤


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