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When The Oceans Rise

Good morning all and happy new month!!! The Lord has brought us this far! We have entered the penultimate month of 2018 and for that we are grateful!!

In Mark 4:35-41, the disciples encountered a fierce storm at sea, while Jesus was asleep below in the boat. They panicked and woke Jesus up. They were surprised that He was asleep while they were about to perish and asked Jesus if he did not care that they were about to die. He calmly rebuked the wind, stilled the sea and reprimanded the disciples for their lack of faith.

Let us backtrack to the previous chapters. From chapters 1 through 4 up to the fateful storm, the disciples had seen Jesus perform incredible miracles, taught with never-seen-before authority, revealed great mysteries to them, healed all manner of diseases. When He appointed the 12 they must have felt special, excited and proud to be close to such greatness; to be the chosen to walk closely with such an incredible man. They had been called to be part of history, a new mind-blowing movement. They must have felt all kinds of special, feeling nothing could touch them as they walked alongside this enigma.

Then a storm hit while they were on a boat with Jesus. They probably thought even if a storm would blow it would not come near them! Imagine their surprise when they were nearly drowning; as all hell broke lose around them. After all their efforts to keep the boat afloat failed they woke up Jesus up and He stilled the storm.

Yes, the fact that Jesus is in your boat does not mean you will not be affected by the storms of life. What is comforting is the fact that no matter how dark or perilous the storm when you call on Him, He will still it. Sometimes it does seem like He has been sleeping for too long but one thing we know is that those who call on His name will be saved. There are times when we try to navigate the storms while Jesus is in our boat. Call on Him at the first sign of trouble, do not wait till you have wearied yourself trying to find a solution before you call on Him. One of my favorite hymns has a stanza that ends thus

"By prayer let me wrestle and He will perform;

With Christ in the vessel I smile at the storm".

Wherever a storm is raging in your life, be it in your relationships, with your children, school, work, finances health, call on Jesus.



Lady Monica❤


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