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"Jesus wants us to be Trustworthy."

Trustworthy ability to be relied upon or honest or truthful or worthy of confidence. It means you are dependable or reliable. You tried and tested and true. You’re responsible secure safe sure and true. Jesus wants us to be trustworthy. Luke 19 opens up with Jesus going through a city called Jericho, the city of palms or moonlight. Jericho was the first obstacle for Joshua, which means Jesus. It was also an obstacle for Elisha, which also means Jesus. Jericho was the last impediment before the Jordan, before receiving the anointing. When Elisha came to the other side of the Jordan after Elijah had been taken to heaven. The people of Jericho came to him and presented his first test as a prophet. They said the city is well located but the water is bad. Elijah said bring me a bowl put salt in it and the water became good. The walls of Jericho we cursed, and I said I will rebuild the gates of Jericho at the cost of his first-born son he laid the foundation and at the cost of his last born son he completed the work. Jericho had a certain spiritual significance in scripture. Shilo came to Jericho and did not face an obstacle he found a man called Bartimaeus, son of honor but born blind. Jesus healed him.

"Your assignment and your purpose are to prepare yourself so that when the trumpet sounds you will Be ready."

Jericho stood for testing and Jerusalem stands for promising future. He find that the people of Jerusalem want to predict tomorrow. Don’t focus on unnecessary things like what is a sign, like what is a sign are we coming to the end? Is the world ending next week? Jesus said it’s up to no man to know. Only the father knows. Your assignment and your purpose are to prepare yourself so that when the trumpet sounds you will me ready. God wants us to appreciate and celebrate the prediction business and ministry, but he does not want us to live our lives based on the gift of prediction. Because all God wants for you to have is God then God will give you gift, and grace will ultimately bring you glory. Your focus should be the one who died and paid the price every other thing is a bonus but it we make the bonus become the foundation we ruin the risk of missing out on what destiny is calling us for.

Jesus always gives you candy covered by a wrapper. Any man who want to understand scripture or appreciate what Jesus is saying must learn to unwrap what he’s giving you. Parables are meant to test your mind and understand Jesus but to go back to him and inquire and encourage his prayer fellowship coinonia with the lord.

"Until you learn to appreciate and celebrate every grace around you will become like some people in this narrative."

Three kinds of people slave, man as a savior, and servants. Servants understand their assignment and purpose. They are people who can be held accountable. Out of all the servants he called only ten. When God calls you how do you respond? Romans 8:30. When God pulls you out of a group its grace. Grace is a foundational element but also progressive in understanding and appreciation. How do you respond when God picks someone over you? There’s a grace that frees men, but we cannot all be grace mates as we grow. The grace that comes upon one man for an assignment is not the same grace that will be upon you. Until you learn to appreciate and celebrate every grace around you will become like some people in this narrative. There are times where we question God like why me and not him and why him and not me.

Subjects do not feel a sense of liberty, don’t understand what Christ has done. They’ve been brought of bondage into a marvelous light. When you have a liberty that comes by the spirit you celebrate another man’s success you are genuinely happy for somebody else you are servant but when you are a subject you feel like God owes you the world even though you have been freed why did god just free why hasn’t God given me an apartment.. and you never ask yourself what can I do to make my story better? Are you a subject or a servant?

"God said everything works in process."

Where are you going to stand when grace has found you but at every level of grace there is the ability to fail unless you change the way you think? Human conception and moral grounds for looking at things is not how God Examines a thing or judges it. God will not produce things from your moral standpoint. God will not allow your moral high horse to be his standard for judging people and so you will never comprehend why you don’t think or why you look at that person and can’t understand based on their history. And he says I don’t look at man the way you look at him. There’s a level of grace that defies your own conception, defies you understanding, defies anything you can use as a moral block or yard stick. There is a level of grace that says if a man would do what the earlier wants, he will add to him.

God said everything works in process. He’s giving you a seed and before your seed works establishment you must understand process. Establishment is the most important that your seed will require. 1 Peter 5:10, Psalm 90:17

The five A’s for a seed

Attitude-- how do you react to what God has given you?

Appreciation-- do you understand and practice gratitude? Do you celebrate the grace and gift you carry?

Application-- how do you apply yourself or work towards your goals?

Ability-- how are you developing your own capacity and enhancing yourself in the areas you’ve been called to?

Accountability-- do remember who called you and his expectations?



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