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To Do Or Not To Do

I always find it amusing when I hear people, especially Christians say things like, "I don't care what others think" or "I'm just going to do it my way" or "I don't care if my actions offend anyone". Even Jesus where appropriate cared about what others thought and did not want to offend unnecessarily. Yes, we know Jesus was bold, went against the grain in many instances, but did not selfishly disregard rules or norms or others' opinions just for the sake of it. When He did, He had good reason.

One time, a tax collector approached Peter and asked if his teacher paid the temple tax. Peter answered in the affirmative. Jesus then told Peter that as the son of God He was not obligated to pay the temple tax “But so that we may not cause offense,..." (Matthew 17:27), Peter should pay the tax for them both.

The apostle Paul was also big on us Christians living our lives such that our choices, decisions and actions do not offend others for no good reason.

For instance, in Acts 16:3, Paul had Timothy circumcised when he decided to take the young man along with him on his missionary journey. Paul knew and taught that circumcision itself was not necessary for salvation but because he was taking Timothy into Jewish territory to win souls, he circumcised him.

Circumcision was important to the Jews and an uncircumcised Timothy would be a stumbling block to winning unbelieving Jews. While circumcision was not necessary for salvation it was not wrong to perform.

So as you go about living, be sensitive to others' views and opinions without compromising or violating the truth of the word of God. If how you do things will become a stumbling block to others coming to Christ or to those who are new in Christ then do not do it. That will be selfish and unchristlike.

Love, Lady Monica ❤

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