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These Walls

My newest favorite song is Elevation Worship's "Do it Again". The first few lines are arresting. They go like this:

"Walking around these walls

I thought by now they'd fall"

Interestingly, this week we have spoken to and encouraged a few people who have gone through so many challenges that they have gotten to the point of giving up on life. Life can be tough sometimes and when you have experienced an endless bad patch you may begin to wonder if life is even worth living.

Maybe you have not reached this point but troubles and issues you thought would have been resolved by now are still persisting. Perhaps you have been walking around some walls you thought would have fallen by now; some mountains you thought would have crumbled by now; some valleys you expected would have been exalted by now. But they have not.

The second stanza of the song starts with " I know the night won't last", and it is true. No matter how long the night lasts, it will come to an end, day will come and the sun will shine. "... weeping [sorrow, difficulties, tough times] may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:5. In these dark moments, let us lean on Jesus for strength, read the word for encouragement and consistently talk to God in prayer.

God does not wish evil for any of us and though certain happenings in our lives and and circumstances may look like He has forgotten us or does not care, we know from scripture and from other experiences that it is not His style to do bad to us. The world and the people in it can be cruel and our only solution is to trust and hold on fast to God. He will come through for you and I. He is faithful and when it is time for those walls to fall, they will fall.

Have faith.



Lady Monica.❤

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