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The Spirit And Mantle of Elijah

Malachi 4:4 admonishes the people of Israel to remember the law of Moses. The fifth verse further states, “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.” There are three ‘comings of Jesus’ i.e. His birth, rapture and the triumphant return. The spirit of Elijah precedes each of the comings. The spirit of Elijah is a trans-generational anointing for effecting change and bringing divine purpose to bear. The spirit must intercede and persist in earnest prayer to bring divine agenda into establishment.

The spiritual translates into the physical, thus what occurs in the realm of the physical is a reflection of the happenings in the domain of the spiritual. The spirit of Elijah prompts men into prayer until there’s a transformation. Prayer invites God to act! There is a need for intercession; intercessors are necessary to thwart the enemy’s plans and assure victory. As Daniel 10:12-13 illustrates, the answers to prayer can be obstructed in the spirit, such that only persistent prayer will release it.

2 Kings 1-14 illustrates the occurrences that led up to Elijah’s ascension into heaven and ultimately, Elisha’s procurement of the mantle. The mantle of Elijah was his official garment; the sign and proof of his office, earned through sacrifice, submission and service. You must ask yourself what mantle you have. What are you wearing? Adam’s glory was in the mantle (seen or unseen) of God that covered him. When he lost his glory, he tried on a self-made mantle (garment of fig leaves) as the grace mantle was removed, and he stepped into disgrace i.e. shame! All great men in the Word had mantles: Joseph’s coat of many colors; Samuel’s mantle-ripped by Saul, Saul’s mantle (cut by David), an indication of the unwholesomeness of his kingship. Jesus’ mantle was gambled for by Roman soldiers.

The mantle of Elijah is inherited, whereas the spirit of Elijah is imparted.

Impartation of the spirit is as result of one’s association or being chosen; one’s submission, discipleship or service. Inheritance of the mantle from the precursor comes by being qualified to receive the mantle; inheritance of the mantle is a sign of stepping into an office. The spirit is imparted as one serves and the mantle is inherited, passed on in succession as one fulfills the requirements of the Lord. Elisha received the spirit and the mantle of Elijah as a result of his service and fulfillment of the Lord’s requirements.

The spirit and mantle of Elijah’s ultimate aim is to bring us to the place of recognition and empowerment by Christ. Elijah then, is the sign and the mark of the power of great prayerful intercession that allows for the manifestation of complete revelation of Jesus in our lives. May we all strive to receive the Spirit of Elijah and be able to walk in the office and mantle of Elijah as God’s mercies favors us!


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