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The Multiplier

Have you ever felt you are not enough? You do not have enough? You do not do enough? You cannot help enough?

A certain man brought Elisha a gift of twenty loaves of bread. Elisha asked him to give the loaves to a hundred men who were with Elisha. Confused the man asked Elisha “How can I set this (little food) before a hundred men?"...But Elisha answered, “Give it to the people to eat. For this is what the Lord says: ‘They will eat and have some left over.'" True to the word of the Lord the hundred men ate the twenty loaves and had some left over. (2 Kings 4:42-44)

God is asking us today to bring Him what we have and He will multiply it. Let us learn to share the little we have with those who have nothing. The reason why some of us fail to share is because we think we do not have enough or what we have to share is so inadequate it is not worth sharing. The boy with the five loaves of bread and two fish could have withheld it thinking it was not enough but when he handed the food to Jesus, He multiplied them greatly.

Do not ever think what you have to offer, be it your talent, gift, money, a skill is ever inadequate; for God is able to do exceedingly great things with what you have. It is not for you to figure out how but for you to bring to Him what you have and ask Him to multiply it so you can help or serve others with it. If God can use an ordinary staff in Moses hand to work mighty miracles then He can take your gift also and multiply it to bless someone.

For years we invited a number of people we felt did not have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving to our tiny apartment to share in our family's dinner. Some would have chairs and others would sit on the floor. We did not have much but God multiplied the little we had and like Elisha's men we always ate and had some left over.

Bring what you have and let the Multiplier work with it.



Lady Monica❤


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