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The Mask

Until COVID-19, wearing masks was not seen as normal unless of course you were in the operating room or perhaps trudging through the desert! Now they have become necessary accessories. I feel almost naked when I get out of my car without one on and quickly rectify it!

It is hard to tell who the person behind a mask is. I have found myself staring intently at strangers to verify if I know them so I can acknowledge them.

I remember the popular movie from years ago, The Mask, staring Jim Carey. In it, a very ordinary, dull and unremarkable man found a mask which could transform him into a totally different person. His two personalities were like night and day!

As Christians, we should always have the same personality. We must be the same everywhere we find ourselves; we must be the same in word and in deed; we must be the same in the presence of others as we are in their absence. We cannot wear our spirituality as a mask and take it off when we feel "it's safe" to do so! We cannot be Christians on an "as is necessary basis".

You will agree with me that it is tough to keep those masks on for an extended period. Wearing the mask cuts down my shopping duration and frequency too; I have come to greatly appreciate unhindered breathing.

Like the apostle Paul, let us live so that we can boldly say as he did in 2 Cor 10:11, "Let such a person consider this, that what we are in word by letters when we are absent, such we will also be in deed when we are present." In every situation and every place, people should easily identify us as belonging to God.


Lady Monica ❤


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