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1 Kings 3 and 2 Chronicles 1 are parallel accounts of the same story. The latter is focused on the worship itself, the former focuses on the strength of personality and character of Solomon.

Solomon succeeds his father David as king. He is given imperative instructions by his father. He commands him to build a temple, remove certain people from authority, banish some and execute others. He urges faithful obedience to the law i.e. understanding the principles of prosperity in God etc. Solomon obeys to the letter and solidifies his grip on the throne.

Now David is gone. Solomon must proceed unto greatness and he faithfully goes to Gibeon to sacrifice. At this time, there is no temple in Jerusalem though the ark of the covenant is there. David brought it up but God restrained him from building a temple. That task falls on Solomon. At Gibeon which is hours away from Jerusalem is a temple with the brazen bronze altar for sacrifices. Solomon goes there to pray. He then sacrifices over a thousand animals to the Lord. His willingness to travel to pray, his commitment to sacrifices, his prayer- all of these touch the Lord and the Lord visits him in a dream. In 1 Kings 3:5 the Lord commands him to ask for anything i.e. to pray and receive.

Prayer begets more prayer.

God is spirit, Jesus informs us in John 4:24, to be worshiped in truth and in spirit.

It takes the spirit of a man to understand God, who is spirit.

The Bible says in Job 33:4 that it is the spirit of God that makes a man. Job in his perplexing state of life notes in Job 32:8 that there is a spirit in man and the breath of God allows him to gain understanding by that spirit. Solomon concludes that the spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the innermost parts of his being, Proverbs 20:27.

As men, our spirits must connect with the spirit of God that was breathed into us to make us living beings. There is an eternal power struggle in us between our flesh and our spirit. In 2 Corinthians 5:16 Paul urges that we know no man after the flesh but after the spirit. This echoes the confusion that nearly undermined Samuel in the house of Jesse in 1 Samuel 16:7- God looks at the heart not the outward (physical/flesh) appearance of men. If a man must really know God then, he must build up his spirit and crucify his flesh. So, Paul admonishes in Galatians 5:16-26 that we walk not in the flesh but by the spirit. The more we let the spirit override and overrule the flesh, the more we gain spiritual connectivity to the father who is spirit.

Solomon is the second son of what started as a terrible sin between David & Bathsheba. God forgives sin and discounts our origins. He is chosen to be king. Solomon’s spirit man is built up and organized. So much so that when God visits him in the dream, Solomon presents a well-articulated, sound speech in prayer that pleases God even the more. Bible says that God intends to pour out his spirit on us and one benefit of that outpouring will be dreams- Joel 2:28 & Acts 2:17.

Solomon cogently starts by remembering all that God has done for him. It’s a statement that I do not deserve what I have if you Lord had not been good to me. He recounts his father David-because he knows that God had a covenant with him, yet recognizes that it’s a different time and era so he will need a different grace; not warfare anointing but wisdom anointing. He requests for wisdom- the power to use right principles, make right decisions and right calls so that he can be effective in leading God’s people. It’s a selfless prayer seeking to fulfill God’s purposes rather than his own. The promised rewards he reaps are enormous.

  • What lessons for us?

  • Are we so focused, organized, determined, purposed to walk in God’s will and plans that even in sleep when our flesh and physical mind is at rest, our spirit man will take up the fight and articulate our case?

  • Do we understand the importance and import of sonship in the authority scheme of God’s purposes?

God asks Solomon to state his request and he starts by referencing David. As men, sleep is inevitable. How sound, strong and spiritually alert are we so that even when we are in slumber we can still attain, achieve or argue for purpose?

It is in sleep that the flesh is muted and the spirit gets active to communicate greatly. How organized are we in sleep?

Everything about and above us exists for purpose. Are we existing for purpose? Finally, wisdom. It’s the principal thing as Solomon concludes in Proverbs 4. Why? It brought him understanding of the times, revelation of the seasons, how to analyze information presented, how to make right decisions. By wisdom, he gained a balance between intellect, instinct and inspiration. He gained great image in the sight of Israel and awesome influence all over. We too can come from a terrible background and become like Solomon. So that even in our dreams, we can be sure that we touch the heart of God.



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