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Same Old, Same Old

Favored wife, gentle soul, sweet spirit, we are introduced to Hannah under not-so-pleasant circumstances. She was the second of two wives and barren; the other wife Peninnah had a brood of sons and daughters. Perhaps ticked off by the fact that barren Hannah was more loved by Elkannah, Peninnah made it her goal to taunt, mock and make Hannah's life miserable. Her ill treatment of Hannah was not restricted to the home turf but she carried it over to Shiloh, a place where the family went yearly to meet with, worship and sacrifice to the Lord!! This had become Peninnah's annual ritual.

The Bible tells us that year after year Peninnah would sing her bitter, wicked tune and Hannah would just sit and weep! Year after year at the place where the Lord is.

One day, while at Shiloh, as Peninnah did her thing Hannah had an "aha" moment! She had an epiphany! the scales fell from her eyes! She had a sudden revelation! She thought "hold on! Wait a minute". She suddenly realised that she was in the presence of the Lord, she was on holy ground, she had to do something different. So she got up, and dragged herself into the temple of the Lord, head bowed, shoulders hunched but still moving in a different direction than ther previous years.

We are told she wept bitterly to the Lord and poured out her heart to her Father in Heaven. The priest Eli after understanding her anguish pronounced a blessing over her. Hannah walked out satisfied, head high, shoulders straightened, a smile on her lips, ate and wept no more. The Lord had heard her cry, opened her womb and Samuel was born.

Like Hannah, we sometimes sit in a place and fail to recognize the anointing that is there and because of this we fail to take advantage of it. She sat in the presence of the Lord for many years and never asked for the gift of a child that she so badly wanted. If we do not ask God to open our eyes, we might miss His move as it goes right over us; we will never experience his power and the fullness thereof.

Church is sometimes a chore for you because you do not comprehend what value there is in being in His presence. David said I was glad when they said unto me, let us go tok the house of the Lord, because he knew what joy, what abundance, what grace, what love is found in His presence.

The man at the Pool of Bethesda, stayed there for 38 years because he had not found a way to take advance of the healing anointing released annually: year after year, others received their healing and he remained lame. Do not just wish for something new, open yourself up and determine to see the new thing God is doing around you.



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