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"Rhoda, You're Crazy"!!!

The apostle James had been murdered by Herod Agrippa. Apostle Peter had been arrested and awaiting his own execution. A dark cloud had come over the early church as they endured great persecution. With Peter in prison, things were not looking good for the church. So they did what they knew best: prayed continuously and fervently for Peter. "Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church." Acts 12:5. Losing someone of such stature would be a big blow to the church so I believe, they were praying for Peter's release.

While prayer continued God sent an angel to release Peter. He headed for Mary's (John Mark's mother) house where the saints were praying. He knocked on the door and a servant girl call Rhoda went to open. "When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her gladness she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter stood before the gate." Acts 12:14

Rhoda did not ask Peter to confirm if it was really him or a ghost. Rhoda had no doubt that God had answered their prayer for Peter's release. Rhoda had childlike faith and without thinking twice, analyzing the situation, wondering if indeed it was possible for Peter to be rescued from Herod's heavily guarded prison, she run to tell the others. In fact Rhoda did not have to see Peter to believe. She heard his voice and believed it was Peter at the door. A miracle of epic proportions had just happened and Rhoda was a witness. She skipped off gleefully to tell the anointed, chosen, tongues speaking, praying apostles of what the Lord had done. Their response: you are crazy. A back and forth of "it's Peter, it's not Peter" ensured as the poor apostle felt chilled to the bone in the cold air. Peter kept knocking and finally they opened the door and let him in.

Many lessons abound in this account but Rhoda caught my attention. She was just a girl. Her boldness, her persistence, her refusal to be cowered by the older, more experienced men to deny what she knew to be true. Among all assembled, she was the only one who believed God could produce such a miracle.

May God give us faith like Rhoda's to believe even before we see. And may we be bold to proclaim the mercies and miracles of God even if we look foolish in the eyes of others. Rhoda, what a girl.



Lady Monica❤


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