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"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Isaiah 46:4.

Such comforting words! Life is in constant flow of highs and lows, questions, worries, joy, happiness, celebrations, and more questions. I know the Bible says we should be anxious about NOTHING but it is not so easy huh? How can you not be anxious when your paycheck is not enough, you do not even have a job right now, your health is not good, your marriage is failing, children not cooperating, you hate your job, etc? Well, in spite of all these and more, you and I still have a choice to make-to be anxious or not to be. Not that being anxious will accomplish anything. It just will make you more anxious.

So today I choose to relax, to be chill and let Isaiah 46:4 lead me. God is assuring me through this text that He has His eyes on me. He is telling me and you that He does not change and He will take care of us even into our old age!! How cool is that? The moment you reached voting age and some even before then, your parents stopped "carrying" you. At some point they will stop taking care of you but God says His period of care for us goes well into our adulthood to our old age when we are all grey. Again, how cool is that?

God knows what you need, what you must have; He knows what keeps you up at night. His power is unlimited, His storehouses boundless, impossible is not a word He is familiar with. I want to encourage you today to consciously and intentionally surrender yourself, your plans, your anxieties to God and just relax, breathe, smile and relax some more.



Lady Monica❤


Faith Fellowship Ministries International (Faith Fellowship) is an evangelical and charismatic church rooted in deep teachings of the Word of God and the power manifested through Christ Jesus. As a multi-ethnic and multicultural church, we exist to disciple Christians and fit them for the master’s use irrespective of race, tribe or culture.


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