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After Rebecca married Isaac, they struggled to conceive and in Gen. 25:21, we're told Isaac prayed for his wife and the Lord opened her womb.

The pregnancy was a difficult one and Rebecca wondered why. In her desperation she turned to God for answers: v.22-"The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, “Why is this happening to me?” So she went to inquire of the Lord.".

Who do you turn to in your desperation? When you're at your wits' end? When you're out of options? Sometimes in our difficult times, we look to the wrong people for answers which may lead us into more trouble or leave us exactly where we are-with no answers or solutions.

Rebecca didn't turn to her husband, the person whose prayer helped her conceive, she didn't turn to friends (I'm sure she had some) she didn't confide in her maid but went to the One who understands all things.

Rebecca then must have had a personal relationship with God! Most of us turn to God as the last resort because we have not built intimacy with him, we don't feel that close to Him, we see Him as an impersonal, abstract, absentee "Father" perched on a throne somewhere far, far away. When you have a close relationship with Him, your first instinct when trouble or confusion comes is to turn to Him. Without that closeness you'll run around seeking counsel everywhere good or bad.

Yes, have some godly wise people you can speak to and confide in but don't relegate God to the back burner. He's yearning for a deeper relationship with you anyway. Draw close to Him and He'll draw close to you.

So God spoke back to Rebecca and explained why the pregnancy was so. Gaining understanding of the challenges of pregnancy, I believe, gave her the peace of mind and the strength to endure the pain till the end. May God grant us the grace to pursue Him a bit more each day!


Love, Lady Monica ❤


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