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The parable of the ten virgins holds a special place in my heart and here's why: I spent my teenage years in a city (I insist on calling it a city, lol) called Cape Coast. The city had a water problem and so we had a huge metal tank mounted on a tall concrete platform. It was our job as kids to turn on the tap connected to the tank so water from the mains would fill the tank. That way, on days when there was water shortage we could resort to the water stored in the reservoir. One day we woke up and there was no running water. As before, we ran to the reservoir to turn it and use the backup supply. To our disbelief the tank was empty. We had forgotten to accomplish our simple task of turning on the knob to the tank. I was about 13 or 14 years old.

My father said nothing but his silence was loud enough to make me feel extremely guilty. He went out in his truck and found water for us to use. Then he gathered us together as usual for morning devotion. He opened the Bible to Matthew 25 and read this parable. He proceeded to explain the importance of always being prepared and how failure to prepare can lead to dire, irreparable circumstances. I had never felt so foolish.

In this case our failure to prepare for the day of no running water was easily remedied. The five foolish virgins were not so fortunate. By not preparing adequately to meet the bridegroom they missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accomplish the very purpose they went to the wedding for. Perhaps they were so excited by the invitation to the wedding they forgot to prepare adequately for the event.

This year is creeping to a close. For 2019 to be better than 2018, we must prepare for the coming year. What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of 2019? What preparations are you making now to take advantage opportunities and doors that God intends to open for you? Let us not allow the excitement of welcoming a new year make us forget to make adequate preparations. What do you need change in your life-your thinking, your actions, relationships, etc.? Who must you get out of your life or bring into your life; whose influence must you diminish and whose must you elevate; whose voice must you silence and whose must you turn up? We cannot let 2019 take us by surprise. Prepare!


Love, Lady Monica.❤


Faith Fellowship Ministries International (Faith Fellowship) is an evangelical and charismatic church rooted in deep teachings of the Word of God and the power manifested through Christ Jesus. As a multi-ethnic and multicultural church, we exist to disciple Christians and fit them for the master’s use irrespective of race, tribe or culture.


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