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Re-digging the Wells of the Fathers

God is transgenerational. God chooses and ordains the future and he predestinates what will happen even when we are unaware of his intention due to our human limitations. God wants to bless us. He desires for us to inherit transgenerational blessings i.e. health, wealth and all that gives a great life. Isaac serves as a prime example of how to inherit transgenerational blessings. God thinks trans- generationally and because he is not limited by time or space, we need to understand that the grace or blessings he gives to us is for us and the next generation too.

God works through generations. His promise to Abraham was not for Abraham alone but for all his descendants. Isaac the promised son of Abraham inherited the blessings that God promised Abraham. This continued through to Jacob and then the nation of Israel. Each had to encounter, discover, and develop their relationship with God. What God spoke to Abraham as a promise in Genesis 22:18 “ thy seed shall the nations of the earth be blessed...” stood for all these generations too.

God tested Abraham. He required of him a sacrifice; his only son Isaac. God sometimes will not speak until the sacrifice is laid on the altar. When God spoke with Abraham, it was to him alone. To obey this instruction meant lying to Sarah his wife, hurting Isaac his son, and eventually losing his relationship with them. In the course of obedience to the instruction, God provided the sacrifice and blessed Abraham. An encounter with God will help your relationship with God. Isaac who must inherit Abraham is disconnected from the very person that must train, instruct, equip and mentor him to inherit the mantle of Abrahamic blessings. Isaac did not know how his father had come to be blessed or fully understand the God who was responsible for his father’s wealth. For him to inherit the transgenerational mantle and carry it in his generation, he had to learn how the father had done it. Who was this God, how did he bless my father and how do I inherit not only the wealth but the spirit and grace that makes the wealth possible? These might have been the dominant questions that occupied his attention.

Fathers set the bar for sons to emulate or strive to equal. What Abraham had done, Isaac could do. He would face similar tests and trials but had to pass like Abraham did. Jacob would inherit Isaac and then Joseph would be chosen for the next generation as would Ephraim. God always prepared a new generation to carry on his purpose. Thus seed, time and fruit(harvest) was a cycle that was and is endlessly perpetuated. The events of Isaac’s life are uncannily similar to his father Abraham’s. Like his father, Isaac finds himself in famine, migrates to Gerar and there lies, like his father, about his wife. Whilst he is in Gerar he starts to prosper, and the Philistines get envious of the wealth he is enjoying. Meanwhile the Philistines have stopped i.e. filled with earth, the wells dug by his father Abraham.

We must understand that wells were like gas stations to the people of an arid harsh landscape. Having more wells was a sign of wealth. It was also a sign of ownership, commitment and endeavor since it took great labor to dig these wells. Spiritually too we understand that the water these wells were dug to find, existed under a great deal of earth. It reflects our human nature, that when we dig deeper than the flesh, we find the precious life-giving supply of the Spirit that exists but must be found by endeavor. Isaac also confronts and meets Abimelech (king of Gerar) and Phicol (his commander) just like Abraham before him.

As Isaac lived in Gerar, God blessed him greatly. When Isaac started prospering the Philistines began to envy him. Your prosperity will likely trigger envy. They contended with him after he re-dug the wells of his father Abraham. In Genesis 26:19-22, he thrice digs wells. The first is disputed and he calls is Esek and moves on. The second is contended and he calls it Sitnah and moves on. Only after the third do they leave him alone. Therefore, he calls that Rehoboth- the Lord has made room for me in the land. The quality of persistence and focus in adversity, picking your battles and trusting God to settle them is a quality of his father that he learns as he re-digs the wells of his father.

Remember that the enemy filled the wells with earth. Sometimes the enemy does things against your flesh that hinder you from digging deep into the spirit where God relates with us. Jesus said, the time is coming and now is that the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. It is our responsibility to subdue the flesh and discipline ourselves if we want to worship God in Spirit and in truth. When we come to church, we must come seeking to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him and not just to seek for solutions to our problems.

The blessings of God can provoke your enemies, but their hatred and anger cannot stop God’s blessings. Isaac blessed Jacob after Jacob, with the help of the mother, honored Isaac. Rebecca helped the son to honor the father with the food he had requested from Esau. When you face challenges, a mentor can be of help to you.

We must learn from what the fathers did so that we too can prosper and inherit the blessings. Inheriting blessings goes beyond material possessions. God is interested in fruitfulness and so think about the next generation and expanding the kingdom. Jesus said, if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, then you will be fruitful. The possibility of all things is in remaining in Christ.

Selah and shalom.


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