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passover to crossover

Main Verses: Exo 12:1-11

God instructed the children of Israel to go and find a lamb without blemish, kill it, use the blood to mark their doorposts and eat all the lamb. This was to prepare them for the Passover and thereafter crossover into the promised land and take over the land as their possession.

God has provided us with a Lamb without blemish, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who shed His blood to mark us and deliver us from eternal destruction into everlasting life. Before you crossover you need Jesus.God has provided us with the Lamb and the blood, but unless you apply the blood, it doesn't speak for you. Passover qualifies you for crossover. 

Crossover is a journey to possess a land the enemy is already occupying. You must fight and conquer the enemy before you can have your possession. God, however, has already given us the victory through Jesus Christ and as you crossover into 2018;Determine there will be: 

  • No carryover. Deal with yourself. Deal with yourself, don't carry any negative attitudes and lifestyles and behaviors into the new year.

  • No hangover: pride, anger, and ego must not be part of you (Ps 10:4).

  • No layover: what takes less time should not take you too long.

  • No sleepover: don't entertain anything that is wrong such as wrong associations and relations.

  • No leftover: you will leave no blessing behind; Whatever blessing God gave you in 2017, it should still be with you.

  • No holdover: no bad debt or people in your past that draw you backward.

  • To crossover every obstacle in 2018 (2 Kings 2:2).

Understand that when you crossover God's presence will be with you even when the enemy attacks. Beware of the law of process, God will lead you to possess the land little by little (Exo 23:29-30), He will bring you to rest in Him and create a memorial so that you can negotiate with God (remember Cornelius). Finally, don't forget your source, God who gave you life and strength and blessed you. 


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