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Whenever I hear people have gotten themselves into all manner of trouble l always ask "what were they thinking?". Truth is they probably were not thinking or they were thinking about themselves only!

I like to try to think of possible consequences of my actions and decision making before taking a step. Sometimes going through that process makes me decide against the move.

Jonah was probably not thinking or was thinking only of himself when he decided to "flee from the presence of God" (Jonah 1:3) and go to Tarshish instead of Nineveh to do God's work! It was poor judgment on the part of a prophet of God!

As the account goes, God sent a great storm that rocked the ship Jonah was in. The sailors were terrified, traumatized, and cried out to their gods. They feared for their lives and threw all cargo overboard to save the ship and themselves. It did not work.

Eventually Jonah confessed he was the cause of the storm and asked the sailors to throw him overboard for the storm to cease! A seemingly simple decision taken so cavalierly led to near tragic consequences not just for Jonah but for everyone else on the ship! His disobedience hurt the sailors too!

Your actions, decisions, disobedience of the word of God affects not only you but others as well. They can affect people close to you and strangers too. As Christians, we do not have the liberty to do as we please; God's love constrains us. Nonchalantly doing things that we know to be wrong is selfish and God is not pleased with that kind of attitude!

Before you step in with both feet; before you make that call; before you enter that room; before you walk out of that door, take a moment to consider how that move will affect you and others!


Lady Monica ❤

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