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Might Before Honor

The story of Job is one of pain, struggles, wavering faith and the dichotomy between confession and conviction. Though a wealthy man, Job’s problem was his lack of relational experience with a father to guide him. A man without a father is a man without an identity, unguided and walking in uncharted territory. Job’s wavering faith spurred questions about the plans and promises of God. God, however, never answers Job’s questions, but challenges him to trust him; i.e. have faith in Him, even beyond the normal scope of his appreciation or understanding.

Men come in varied shapes and sizes but a man’s greatness will be measured by the faith he possesses. You cannot be greater than the measure of faith you carry.Faith is measurable and quantifiable; it has nothing to do with one’s physical size.

A person with might is denoted as possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size; he or she has the power or ability to do or accomplish. The term honorable, is defined as having or showing honesty and good moral character; fair and proper; not deserving blame or criticism-i.e. justified, righteous and primed for elevation.

The scriptural text, Job 22:8 recounts Eliphaz’s statement to Job as he seeks to provide clarity amidst Job’s troubles. “But the land is possessed by the man with power, and the favored and honorable man dwells in it. (Job 22:8-AMP) Man owns honor, but he will not enjoy it until something happens to change his course. 1 Chronicles 4: 9 states, “Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. His mother had named him Jabez saying, “I gave birth to him in pain.” This scripture further states that Jabez cried out to the Lord and God granted his request. Jabez had honor but was devoid of the glory of possessing a blessing. Jacob carried a promise of greatness but never saw it until he engaged the angel. Daniel knew captivity must end, but only in prayer did that impossibility become real and the keys to an alien kingdom were handed to him. We must rise into might to become honorable.

God has a purpose in everything and His purpose is revealed in His plans. We can only know His plans for our lives by the promises He makes us; these promises are realized through prayer. God desires that we come to a place of ownership and possession. For God’s promises to ultimately be manifested, we must stand in prayer.

Mighty men are men of arms; they are men of war. The church needs mighty men who are attracted to the person of Christ and committed to the cause of Christ. To step into might, you must:

  • Acquire knowledge; seek the Word of God

  • Make a lifestyle change; changes don’t happen without discipline and commitment

  • Train

  • Have mental strength (determination)

  • Follow a pattern or regimen of discipline; God has a habit of coming to meet you when you have a routine of prayer.

  • Focus; do not become distracted or deviated by what others are doing

  • Walk right with the Lord

  • Plan

  • Have Faith in God

  • Study the Word of God

Every promise of God is surrounded by warfare, but a man with might can fight and possess what belongs to him. God has a plan for every believer; your current reality does not speak of the end. There is absolutely nothing that you have done or can do that will change the mind of God concerning you. To come into your place of honor, become the man with might.


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