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Make It A Well!

As we journey through life we will certainly encounter valleys-difficulties, surprises, uncertainties, adversities, strange viruses that turn our worlds upside down, etc.

In Psalm 84, we get a glimpse of the journey the pilgrims would take to get to Jerusalem, the Holy City, for their annual festivities. To get to their glorious destination, that happy place, they had to pass through the Valley of Baca (Weeping). They could not get to Jerusalem without passing through that valley, it was a necessary passage on their journey.

They had choices though, they could turn back and avoid the valley altogether, or not start the journey at all but just stay in their towns and maybe duplicate the celebrations! Well they wanted the real thing, what God wanted for them so they had to endure the valley and beyond that, make the best of it. The Psalmist puts it this way: "As they pass through the Valley of Baca, They make it a well; The rain also covers it with pools [blessings]." Psalms 84:6

In other words, instead of giving up under these dry, difficult conditions, the pilgrims would dig wells and God would reward their diligence, faith, perseverance by filling the wells with water! God blessed their efforts!

There is no valley deeper that what we are all experiencing now, the valley called COVID-19. We can fold our arms in annoyance and do nothing or we can push through, try some new things, keep pursuing purpose and trust God to bless our efforts. We have the capacity to turn adversity into a blessing.

Maybe you are going through your own personal valleys as well, I encourage you to make it a well and allow God to fill it with rain! Do not turn back, do not change your mind. You will get to Jerusalem, just push through the Valley of Weeping!


Love, Lady Monica ❤


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