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Lot's Lot

Genesis 11 – 19

God is trans-generational

Terah by the inspiration of God migrated from the Ur of the Chaldeans (“the light of the Chaldeans”) and moved to Canaan.

Following Terah’s death, God calls Abram to complete the journey to Canaan.

  • God is trans-generational, thus the anointing or blessing of God does not come for one alone, but the anointing comes for a people.

  • God never blesses you for you, He blesses you for an entire group of people.

Abram, like his father Terah, also takes Lot with him on the journey.

  • This family tells us to pay attention to ancestral mistakes. What are the ancestral mistakes that can be learned from and not repeated?

"Every man carries a grace."

As Abram grows in wealth, Lot taps into his grace and prospers.

  • Whoever is accompanying you on a journey begins to tap into the grace that you carry.

  • One of the wisest things you can do as a person is identify the graces of men around you and learn how to tap into each grace.

  • If everybody around you has the same grace or doesn’t have the grace that can positively impact you, you will remain stagnant.

  • Leadership is about knowing your degree of influence and then identifying what other people carry in order to combine the two to achieve a purpose.

  • God’s truth is not based on your concept of what is moral. His Truth is absolute wisdom.

  • Grace comes in different measurements.

  • Don’t assume that because you can tap into someone else’s grace, you have the same grace or you stand on the same level. You can be classmates but not gracemates.

  • When the grass is greener on one side, usually the water bill is higher.

“Remember Lot’s Wife!”

  • If you carry an anointing and you take your anointing to places you mustn’t take it to, every day your anointing is fighting because what is upon you is not in accord with what is in the environment.

"Intercession is the key to intervention."

Lot’s lot

  • Lot was sitting in the gate of the city. For him to be situated there means he gained influence in Sodom yet had suffered a degree of compromise.

  • What is in this society that you are compromising on?

  • Spiritual gifts are not proof that you are maintaining your stance with God.

  • Intercession is the key to intervention.

  • Intercession either blocks or allows things to happen.

  • The moment you stop praying, you allow things to happen.

  • You cannot adjust yourself to a lifestyle and not be affected by what is around you.

  • When you lose the power of prayer, you lose the ability to affect or influence Heaven.

  • Before the destruction of Sodom, The angels commanded Lot to go to the mountains but Lot says he will go to Zoar. The angels agreed

  • Not everything that God agrees to is good for you.

  • Lot's wife looked back when they tried to flee from Zoar. Meaning she had a change of mind. She despised her redemption and what God had done.

7 important things To Ponder from Lot’s life

1. Ancestry - What is in your environment and what is controlling it? What is your ancestry?

2. Association- Who are you associated with?

3. Access - Who has access to your life?

4. Assimilation - Every time you get into a society and you want to belong, you have to figure out how to assimilate. But in assimilating, be careful you don’t do things that will cost you or that will compromise your grace.

5. Acceptance - What do you do to gain acceptance?

6. Accountability- Who are you accountable to?

7. Affiliation - Who are you affiliated with?

Other Key Points:

  • God is so desirous of your communication.

  • If you keep talking to the Lord, He does not leave.

  • The only reason He seems so far away is that you have stopped talking to Him. \


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