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Humility certainly was not Naaman's strong suit. Oh well, he was the commander of the Syrian Army; won all his battles, great and honorable, a mighty man of valor. Yes, he had leprosy but it does not look like that humbled him in any way. He still wanted to be healed of this heinous disease. So when the little slave girl who lived in his house told him the prophet Elisha in Israel could heal him he was excited.

He loaded horses and chariots with valuable gifts and left with his entourage to seek his healing. He had high expectations and had mapped out how the whole healing process would go, in his mind. He had it all figured out: upon arrival at the prophet's house, he would come out, call on God, wave his hand over Naaman's body and the leprosy would disappear; his skin would be restored, he would offload all the great gifts of thanksgiving he brought and go his merry way; his skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.

When Naaman arrived and the man of God did not even come out to see him but sent his servant with instructions for the commander to wash seven times in the Jordan, Naaman saw red. "... Naaman became furious, and went away and said, “Indeed..." II Kings 5:11

Naaman felt entitled to the prophet's presence. What more he had set his own expectations of how things should have gone and when they did not he felt all sorts of angry.

We must learn to submit our expectations to the word and the will of God. When your expectations are shattered you may get angry with God and like Naaman, turn angrily from him. Do not allow unfulfilled expectations or somewhat fulfilled expectations to pull you away from God, destroy your relationship with Him and mess you up for good. It boils down to trust-trust in His love, trust in His truth, trust in His infinite wisdom. Trust Him even when things do not go the way you expect; He always has your back and has good plans for you.

When Elimelech left for Moab with Naomi and their sons, they expected to have a good and prosperous life. When things did not go as expected and Naomi lost husband and children, she returned home bitter and angry. Ruth 1:20-21. Thankfully she did not stay that way. If you are bitter and angry because of unfulfilled expectations, I pray that the Lord will minister to your heart, draw you closer to Him and help you trust Him again.


Love, Lady Monica.❤


Faith Fellowship Ministries International (Faith Fellowship) is an evangelical and charismatic church rooted in deep teachings of the Word of God and the power manifested through Christ Jesus. As a multi-ethnic and multicultural church, we exist to disciple Christians and fit them for the master’s use irrespective of race, tribe or culture.


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