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As the new year unfolds, we have the assurance that God will lead us through this year. What we don’t know is what this year will bring. We did not begin the year with a map of the journey; however as believers we have hope in God, who like a trusted tour guide, can direct us to the proper destination.

A man-made GPS may know the quickest route, but short routes may not always be the best. Unlike those in the world who seek fast and short paths, our journey with God may not be fast, but it avoids the dangers and hazards we may not see. Even if we tread through the valley of the shadow of death, there’s consolation in knowing that the valley is a transit; it is not permanent. Just as God remained with David through his difficulties, He promises to stay with us throughout the journey.

In our journey with God, traveling with a map may seem helpful, but it could be detrimental to the journey and ultimately our growth. Traveling with God’s GPS means traveling without a map. God chooses not to provide the complete map because the details of the journey may deter us. The details may prevent us from continuing or even starting the journey. God keeps the map from us because access to the map would cause us to rely on our own strengths and not fully trust in Him.

Following God’s GPS means total dependence on the guide, God. Traveling with God’s GPS means focusing on Him and not the journey.

We learn from the Israelites in Numbers 9:15-24, the importance of constantly focusing on God during the journey. As God moves, by pillar of cloud by day, we must move. As He moves by pillar of fire by night, we also must move. By focusing on the map, we lose focus of God and can miss our opportunity to move where God wants to take us.

Being led by God’s GPS means being guided by His timing, His purpose, and by His location. He guides us step by step. God knows our future; He knows the journey before it begins. Even though we walk through the valley of shadow of death, we will fear no evil. God will be with us and lead us to the end.

Let God direct you. Let Him order your steps. Trust Him. He is still God and He has not changed.

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