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Day & Night

As God created the heavens and the earth and all the things therein, He created day and night to differentiate the days and also to mark the beginning and ending of each stage of creation. Day and night are indispensable and inevitable. Genesis 8 ends this way: “As long as the earth and night will never cease".

Symbolically day stands for a time of freedom, unlimited possibilities, joy, good things, etc. On the contrary night signifies a time of great limitation, difficulty, hard times, troubles, anxieties, etc. We all go through night situations in life, some darker than others. Some dark situations can leave us in a bad place and cause us to questions many things.

The good news is day and night are the same in God's eyes. Night does not limit Him or slow Him down. Night is as good as day where God is concerned. Psalm 139:12 says "even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you". There you have it!

So draw near to God in your dark moments. Do not try to figure it out by yourself. Do not carry the weight of your troubles all by yourself. Let Him guide and lead you in those times when all hope seems to be lost; when you cannot seem to find help anywhere or from anyone. Knowing that night shines like day to our Almighty Father should make you and I breathe a lot easier.

Today practice casting all your cares upon Him. His shoulders are broad enough to carry then so you can walk a little bit taller.



Lady Monica❤


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