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Luke 9 opens with Jesus’ commission to the 12 disciples. This precedes the paradigm shift to the 72 in chapter 10. There is an end game i.e. purpose to knowing the person of God. This end is for us to become more like Him and live, function and reign as imitators and partners with God. Is God a person?

Though it might sound contradictory because there are 3 personalities that make up God, God is indeed a person. Certain characteristics define a person. Typically, a person should be someone or something with life, intelligence, a will, certain abilities- example speaking, rights and emotions. There are physical persons like people and legal persons like companies, churches that can sue and be sued. So personhood is not restricted to the mere possession of a physical body. Each person of the Trinity is unique in themselves but also as a collective form a personhood that we must strive to emulate.

Jesus picked 12 men. An exclusive club. Yet he himself had to undergo certain processes, preparations, trials etc before he became the Christ. Our end game is to be also worthy of being called Christians i.e. imitators of this Jesus who became Christ having successfully emulated God. To these 12 men dedicated and disciplined to learn “The Way” of Christ, he gave power i.e. ability to accomplish a task first and them gave them authority i.e. the right to do it. It is authority that defines how power is used and all authority is delegated from God alone who is entirely sovereign.

The instruction to them was to go out, deliver the oppressed from demonic bondage- spiritual, mental and emotional. Then address physical needs by providing healing. Have accomplished these, preach the message of the good news; the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is futuristic yet present. It can be assessed by faith, taken hold off by faith and literally lived out in the present by faith. Jesus asks of his disciples to stay focused, understand the principle of acceptance and be swayed by nothing but purpose. He then asks them to step beyond faith into action and active duty. The effect is immediate and greatly impactful.

Men testify of a great release of power, unleashing of a grace that liberates and exhilarates. Even the secular political powers are in awe of the impact of this great man; Jesus and his band of 12 men with their revolution of love. The people testify that perhaps the reincarnation of John the Baptist has happened or Elijah has returned. The spirit and mantle of Elijah is rekindled when we imitate the way of Christ’s person to reproduce great impact that shakes our world; physically and spiritually.

God’s original intent in Genesis 1:26-28 is for us to be like him in image and likeness. How can we be like him? To become like God; Jesus is the only benchmark because we cannot imitate the Father. We must strive to emulate his example in every way. Love, patience, kindness, doing good, staying prayerful and working selflessly for the good of all. This is the Kingdom way. When we accept Christ, the nature of God can become ours as we allow the Holy Spirit to recreate in us the God like nature and persona. Jesus according to Isaiah 7;14 is a sign. We must follow that sign to our destination as destiny chasers.

Ultimately, like the disciples we will become more Christian & Christlike. As we Identify (and Know him), we Imbibe (let him dwell in us and grow in us). He will Impart (let His grace, gifts & glory be deposited in you) us, so we can Impact (let the word & presence impact you to make an impact) our world. We gain divine Intelligence (not of this world but knowledge & wisdom beyond human comprehension) and grow in spiritual Influence (the power to transform & persuade men’s hearts). Many will eventually testify that we Inspire (become a reason why many get transformed and get to know the savior, have a better life etc.) them in the walk too.


Faith Fellowship Ministries International (Faith Fellowship) is an evangelical and charismatic church rooted in deep teachings of the Word of God and the power manifested through Christ Jesus. As a multi-ethnic and multicultural church, we exist to disciple Christians and fit them for the master’s use irrespective of race, tribe or culture.


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