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Changing Lanes🛣

Yesterday, I mentioned that the boys' school is quite far from home which means we have to leave home pretty early to get them there on time. Well, that is always the plan but there are days when the alarm clock is not loud enough (wink) or it chimes alright but we slap it into silence and snooze for "five more minutes"(wink, wink)

On days like these, when we are behind time I still try my best to get them to school before the doors close so they are not marked "tardy". So I find myself suddenly impatient on the road, annoyed by every driver who seems to be on cruise control, I hurrumph and roll my eyes (I do not swear) as I press on.

To help me go faster, I will keep changing lanes, switching from one to another to gain some advantage, however small. Sometimes I will look for short cuts, use back roads, anything just to get me ahead of the other "slow" road users. 🙄 To my chagrin, changing lanes and using short cuts does not always cut it. It does not always guarantee I will get there faster. I may avoid a red traffic light only to end up at another beaming at me in all its mighty redness. 😫Argh.

This reminds me of life. Sometimes when we feel God is delaying we try to switch lanes, take short cuts, do anything to get to our destination fast. We have a saying that "shortcuts are dangerous" and that pretty much sums it up.

Abraham tried to switch lanes and take short cuts when more than a decade had passed and God's promise of a son had not materialized. He agreed with his wife Sarah and took her maid as his wife. "He slept with Hagar, and she conceived. When she knew she was pregnant, she began to despise her mistress" Genesis 16:4. As you can see a whole lotta trouble ensued.

As Abraham waited and his beloved wife was still not conceiving, he tried to convince God to switch lanes; to give to Ismeall, his son with Hagar what He had promised to his son with Serah. "And Abraham said to God, “If only Ishmael might live under your blessing!”" Genesis 17:18. God said not do fast!

We all want to get to where we are going fast in life but there are some places you just have to take your time to get to. There are some blessings God will not release to you and some places He will not let you get to without going through process. You will switch lanes, use back roads, take shortcuts and you will get there no faster. There are some things life you just have to wait for.

May God give us all wisdom to know when to wait and how to wait. May He strengthen us to keep on the path He has set before us trusting that He will get us to our destination on time.



Lady Monica.❤


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