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Cain & Pain

In Gen 1:27, scripture tells us that God created man in His image and likeness. The first man, Adam came into being after God breathed into him; imparting life and godliness. By receiving the breath of God, man became the carrier of God’s presence. Man, in essence, is the ‘container’ of the presence of God.

Cain, the first son of Adam, became the first murderer in the Bible after succumbing to anger which ultimately led him to sin. Cain’s failure to offer a proper sacrifice to God led to the rejection of his offering. While it is important that every believer have an altar before God, the sacrifice placed on the altar matters. The sacrifice qualifies the altar, thus the quality of the sacrifice must be acceptable. Like Abel’s sacrifice, we must give our best to God.

Cain’s unacceptable sacrifice stirred up anger within him such that he killed his brother. Disobedience can create offense and cause you to fight those who do the right things. Of the punishments God executed on Cain, perhaps the most significant to Cain was being devoid of the presence of God. (Gen 4:13-14) Cain’s pain was a result of his belief that he was separated from God’s presence. Cain grew restless; however, unlike Cain, we must have the understanding that God’s glory upon our lives is not dependent on the things that surround us.

God’s presence is our best contact with the person of God. There are four dimensions of God's presence: His omnipresence; He is everywhere. His manifested presence, as seen in displays of power. His residential presence, which is encountered in a place. His indwelling presence, which dwells within us in the form of the Holy Spirit. To fully know the presence of God, He must grant us access.

God’s presence is without boundaries; though He sent Cain out of His presence, He was still present. As David said in Psalm 139:7, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?” A person who has encountered the presence of God knows in spite of everything, God is present.

The calling, the gifting, the blessing and the power of God upon our lives is without repentance. Our current situations, mistakes, and difficulties do not determine whether God is present. The presence of God in our lives demand that we understand that irrespective of the circumstances we encounter, God is still fighting for us. God is spirit and his presence is always open to people who are in accordance with Him. May we seek to stay in His presence.

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