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Broken Walls

Have you ever chanced upon a scripture that arrested you for more than a moment. That is what Proverbs 25:28 did to me. It says

"A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls."

We do not wall our cities anymore but in order to appreciate this text, you have to remember that in Biblical times walls were commonly used to protect a city. Remember the famous walls of Jericho and Jerusalem?

A city with broken down walls was a city with no protection. Its people were exposed to all manner of threats and attacks; anybody could easily plunder them. Such a city was simply unsafe.

Now a person with no self control is not one you want to be around. He has no filters, allows his temper to run roughshod over him and his tongue is unbridled. Like the city with broken down walls, a lack of self control opens you up to all manner of trouble. A lack of self control makes you an easy target; it will lead you astray and away from your purpose and assignment.

Thinking about Jesus. He was the embodiment of self control. He only moved according to purpose and would not let anyone provoke Him to do otherwise. This quality was highlighted from the time he was arrested till his final breath. The Jewish leaders and the people accused him falsely of all manner of crimes, hurled abuse at Him, ridiculed Him, spat on and hit Him. He did not say a word against anyone nor did he lift a finger in His defense. He was not stupid and powerless but His assignment was too important to him for Him to get out of control. Through it all He exercised incredible self control.

May we learn from Him. Self control is both a weapon and a defense. Let us all make the effort to employ it consistently.


Love, Lady Monica ❤


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