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"The truth will set you free but it might first make you miserable" This statement is from Pastor Rick Warren and there is much truth in it. In John 17:17 we are told that God's word is truth. God's word is also light (Psalm 119:105). Then in James 1:22 we are admonished to be doers of the word.

If we are all going to be honest, we will admit that it is not always easy to be doers. We hear the word, we read the word, we know the word but we do not always do what the word asks us to do. However it is in the doing that we incur the pleasure of God and also become more like Christ, which is what God wants for us. Being more like Christ also sets us apart from the world!

Back to the opening quote! This is based of course on the words of Jesus in John 8:32, which He spoke to believers. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." As you delve into the truth (the word), it shows you your weaknesses and your flaws; it shines a light on your inadequacies and draws your attention to areas in your life you need to work on. It asks you to learn to forgive in all circumstances, not to pay back evil with evil; it tells you to be patient and loving and kind always!

Actually doing all these can be painful and therein lies the misery! If it is that easy to forgive why do we struggle with it?. If it is so easy to turn the other cheek why does it feel hard to do?

Well, we are blessed because we have a Helper in the person of the Holy Spirit and if we will allow Him, He will walk us through the process of becoming doers and therefore more like Christ! Yes the truth may make us miserable but we do not have to remain miserable. With the help of the Spirit, we will find joy in being doers!! It is only in doing that we will be set free from our weaknesses, addictions, bad habits, certain mindsets, and horrible attitudes!


Love, Lady Monica ❤


Faith Fellowship Ministries International (Faith Fellowship) is an evangelical and charismatic church rooted in deep teachings of the Word of God and the power manifested through Christ Jesus. As a multi-ethnic and multicultural church, we exist to disciple Christians and fit them for the master’s use irrespective of race, tribe or culture.


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