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Are You Joseph?

Joseph, Mary's husband, Jesus' earthly father on my mind. He is the least talked about of all the people involved in Jesus' birth. Let us muse on him today!

Matthew's account of the Virgin Birth tells us that Joseph was a godly man and a devout Jew. When he found out Mary was pregnant before they had come together as husband and wife, he knew the child was not his. The only logical explanation was that his fiancée had cheated on him with another man. He must have felt all manner of emotions: anger, hurt being the top two I would imagine!

What Joseph decided to do was remarkable! "Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly." Matthew 1:19.

Though he must have been hurt and angry and was within his right to divorce her publicly, disgrace her and expose her to punishment by stoning, he chose to do none of that. Instead, in his pain, hurt and anger, he decided to extend grace to Mary and show her mercy! Noone would have faulted him if he had been nasty or contemptuous towards his "lying, cheating" soon-to-be ex-fiancée.

We can all learn a thing of two from Joseph. How do you react when someone, a friend, a loved one, a lover hurts or betrays you? Do you show mercy or you expose every secret they have ever told you to the whole world? Do you put them on blast on Social Media or lay out their weaknesses to everyone you come across? Do you vow to seek revenge at all costs when someone you trust or love wrongs you? Someone said how we react when we have been wronged tells of who we really are, our true character!

Jesus said in Matthew 5 that the "eye for eye" principle no longer applies when we become His. Ours is to forgive and not seek revenge. Ours is to always show mercy and extend grace. Joseph teaches us by his actions that it is possible to do just that! It is unchristian to do otherwise. Are you Joseph?


Love, Lady Monica ❤


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