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A Bad Situation?

Bathsheba found herself in a bad situation (2 Sam 11). King David spotted her one evening as she was bathing on her rooftop and was infatuated by her beauty. He asked for her to be brought to him and the king slept with her, knowing she was a married woman. She got pregnant and in a move reminiscent of a scene in a soap opera, David had her husband killed to cover up his sin. 😳Then he married Bathsheba.🤦🏽‍♀.

As punishment from God, the child they conceived in their adulterous liaison died. They had a second child Solomon who became the wisest king to ever live.

Many lessons can be drawn from the story but I want to focus briefly on the ability of God to let something good come out of a bad situation. Though the relationship between the two was based on a foundation of sin, God did not allow that to ruin their lives or abort His purpose for David and Israel.

Personally I believe Bathsheba was as victim. In those times it would have been hard for her to refuse to go to the king or even succumb to his advances. In fact these things happen today as we have all seen and heard women recently come out with allegations of sexual abuse or harassment against some powerful men. Bathsheba's abuse notwithstanding, God brought Solomon out of that union.

Maybe you havd been a victim of abuse-sexual, mental, emotional or physical. I pray that you do not let these difficult circumstances define you or ruin your life. God still has a plan and a purpose for you. Turn it over to Him, ask Him to help you heal, so he can bring the best out of you. He is not finished working in and with you and remember all things can and will work together for your good.


Love, Lady Mo.😍


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